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— Interest fabricated structures in the city of Ester? Metal structures download. Hello! Website of steel plant advises to purchase fabricated structures, for hypermarkets and warehouses. Is of interest? Plant metal structures. Welcome to the, for you in Ester a wide the list of pre-fabricated sturdy and quality of metal.

Large hangar

Prefabricated constructions

Prefabricated office and administrative structures, hangars and garages, as well as household units, car washes and gas stations, and agricultural production buildings, insulated warehouses and cold-storage structure, and sports facilities. Projects of prefabricated buildings. Constructed in the city of Ester buildings in shortest time to three or four months. The term construction object depends on the complexity building and dimensions. In structure of the object includes: project, construction of the foundations and metal structures — hull, hull.

Rational use of time and reliability in building structures in record time makes prefabricated structures widespread in the construction sector. Plant prefabricated buildings. Merits structures: safe and durable constructions metal, speed erection fairly high, involves individual project structures, provided as assembly and removal structures in shortest terms applied connection bolt usage object recycled.

Installation of of metal

Reinstall unit with other place assembly of possible designs for both winter and fall in any climate conditions, a comparatively reasonable cost for the construction of an object area structures broad. Manufacture of metal structures. The technical object: the hangar or warehouse multifunctional. The fact that the structure securely and tough makes it a popular. Exploited technical structure as a warehouse, garage, selhoznaznacheniya, under production, or a hundred, car park. Warehouse space is built: the cold, the steel structure is sheathed with corrugated sheet.

Insulated economy class. Furthermore is insulated inside the structure. Insulated standard class. Resembles a sandwich panel. Inside and outside the corrugated sheet and between sheets of reinforced mesh and a layer of insulation. Protection of steel structures. Insulated luxury. The metal structure insulated sandwich panels with mineral wool. Your choice in Ester fabricated metal depends on the conditions requirements the object.

  1. Online application fill in
  2. Expert advice
  3. Select a project
  4. Payment
  5. Erection


As purchase metal?

Made a decision to buy metal in Ester? A shed or a garage, utility block, car wash or gas station, manufacturing and agriculture structure insulated or refrigerated warehouse, sports facility? Design metal stairs. Needed to fill in the online order. Your phone, to make a required. Don't forget specify what the project intend to build. Specialist in quick buildings you will be contacted via telephone to clarify application. Prefabricated building construction. Builders in Ester construct an object quality and in time. The stock was built spacious, metal durable!


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